How To Comment on a File in a Space

To comment on a static file like an image or PDF, click directly on the file preview and highlight the area you’d like to call attention to. Then leave your feedback in the text box in the top right. Other users will be able to see and reply directly to that feedback. 

To make your feedback even more precise, you can choose from additional markup tools like our line, arrow, or pencil option. 

You can also make comments about the file in general without highlighting or drawing attention to a specific area by just typing directly into the comment box. 

Leaving a comment on a video file works the same way. As soon as you click into a video file we begin streaming that video. To leave a comment simply click on the preview at any time, which will pause the video and allow you to leave targeted feedback. You’ll notice that each time you leave a comment a red pip mark appears on the video player timeline. That way your fellow reviewers can navigate directly to your feedback without having to stream the whole video. 

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