How To Assign and Resolve Tasks in Spaces

Assigning to do’s can be done at the file level, Space level, or Project level. 

To assign a to do specific to a file, start by leaving a comment explaining what the to do is. Then click the needs follow up option. Start typing the name of the person who you want to assign the to do and then select them form the drop down. You can then choose an optional due date for the to do. By posting the comment the to do will be assigned. 

In order to assign either a Space or Project level to do, the person you are assigning must already be a follower of the Space or Project. 

To assign a Space level to do, like a request for someone to upload a set of files, click the To Do’s tab, then the red plus icon and select the create a to do option. 

From there you will be able to create a name for your to do, a brief description, choose who you want to assign to, and include an optional due date and reminder. 

You can also do the same thing on the Project level. 

Anytime you assign someone a to do they will be notified via email.

See our video below as an example:

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