Uplink - How to embed onto your website

Here are a couple suggestions on how you can configure and embed your Hightail account Uplink url.

  1. You can hyperlink your Uplink on your webpage - You can use this feature within your website editor to create and edit hyperlinks, and specify your Uplink url in the hyperlink edit fields.  Here is an example of using a text hyplerlink.  Click here to upload files to me via my Hightail Uplink.
  2. You can embed your Hightail Uplink using an iframe, or inserting the iframe html code onto your webpage.

Here is a sample of html code you can use to embed onto your webpage's source code. 

<iframe src="https://spaces.hightail.com/uplink/abcbusinessorg"
frameborder="0" width="410" height="342"></iframe>

*You can adjust the width and height of your iframe to fit your within your webpage appropriately.

You can utilize your website builder editor application to embed your iframe web url, or contact your website administrator for assistance.


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