Using the Hightail Dashboard

We've introduced a new way for you to move projects forward with our Business plans.

The Hightail Dashboard will be a new view for you to track Activity and To-Do's.

Select Dashboard to get a view of What's New, Team View, and Tracker. To make navigation a bit more intuitive, the Tracker has moved to your Activity View.  hightail-dashboard-main-page.png


What’s new

The left bar displays filters for you to view and manage specific activity.  You can filter by All, Approvals, Comments, Follow-ups, Mentions and To-Dos. 

  • All includes Approvals, Comments and Follow-ups.
  • Approvals includes any work you requested for approval, has been approved and have personally approved.
  • Comments include any of your files including the comments on those files.
  • Follow-ups include any of your work that has been marked as needs follow-up.
  • Mentions include any of you work where you have been @mentioned.
  • To-Dos include items that have been marked as needing follow up. 

The Center column will display your activity as you have selected from the left sidebar as defined. 

The right column lists My To-Dos which is a list of any actions assigned to you or Assigned by me which is a list of actions assigned to others by you.

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