Download Issues

IMPORTANT- March 27, 2017

Some customers are having challenges with resolving to the correct download page from their original link and some customers are having trouble with resolving to the correct receive page from their original link.  Our engineering team is working hard to resolve this on the back end but for now we have a workaround to allow you to download the files immediately.

The behavior you will see is that the customer clicks on the link and is re-directed to the Hightail login page or if they are logged in, they will arrive at their own Spaces page.

If this is happening to you or your recipients as a workaround please follow the instructions below: 

For any recipient URLs you can adjust the file link and add:  &flip=force  (so add this to the end of files that show https:/ like the example below.      

This will resolve and will allow the download.

For any download URLS  you can adjust the file link and add this to the end of the url: ?flip=force (see below)   

This will resolve and allow the download.



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