New Folders

We have updated our Folders in Spaces and you may have noticed a new look and feel. 

You will be able to view folders, create new folders and sub-folders, add files to folders, delete folders and files, download files, send files and copy the contents of a folder to a Space.  With the changes to our interface ‘share’ files from Folders will no longer be a feature, but you can copy files to a Space and share that Space.
What happens to my older folders and the sub-folders?
You will still be able to see all your legacy folders and can still access all files within your folder structure.
As a customer can I access all files in a Folder?
Yes, you can access the Parent folder and open it up and choose all files at once or select certain files to send, download or ‘copy to a Space’.
To access to a sub folder, open it up and again you are able to choose all files at once or select certain files to send, download or ‘copy to a Space’.
Can I create sub-folders in the new web folders UI?  
Yes! You will continue to be able to create sub-folders within the new Web App Folder structure.
Please NOTE that when you copy files to a Space the files will not be in a certain order in the Space but you will see all files copied to that particular Space without any hierarchical structure or specific order. In essence, they will copy to a Space but the files will show up within that space in a random fashion.  You can then manually re-order the files within that space, or choose to sort by the options included in the drop-down menu of the Space.  
As an alternative to sharing folders, it's easy to upload files to a Space and send the unique link to your collaborators. For more details on sharing a Space, watch this short how-to video.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at

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