Desktop Sync App Error Message 'Storage Limit Reached'

If you are using the Hightail Desktop Sync App and received a message that states You have exceeded the available storage space in your Hightail account. Click here to upgrade’, please disregard this message.  

You may see this pop up message upon opening the Desktop app as well as if you try to add a file or sync any files.  This is a bug and our Engineering Team has resolved this issue and you should not see this error message any longer.  We apologize for any frustrations caused you can continue to use the application as you did before. 

If files are not synching please perform these steps:

  • Quit the Desktop Sync app and re-launch the app, that will trigger a new fresh sync. 

If that does not work please follow these steps:

  • Click on the small Hightail icon select Help > Tools > Delete Temp Files
  • Click on the small Hightail icon select Help > Tools > Refresh Synced Data.

Performing these steps should resolve all issues with the sync app.


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