Sharing files from Spaces

Once you’ve uploaded files to a Space, you may need to share some of the individual files within that Space with someone else–without wanting to provide them access to all of the files in that Space.

Hightail provides the ability to share individual files from Spaces, either via our traditional Send functionality or via a direct-link sharing method.


Send via… -> Send files

To share files stored in Spaces via Hightail’s traditional “Send” functionality, select the three-dot icon in the file view and choose Send via…


Now select Send files


The file will now be loaded into the “send file” form where you can designate the recipient email address, email subject line and message—and you can select specific security permissions for access. Just like a normal Hightail send, your recipient will receive an email notification with a download link where they can access the files.



Send via… -> Send via link

To share files stored in a Space via Hightail’s link-sharing method, select the three-dot icon in the files view and choose Send via…


Now select Send via link


The file(s) will now be accessible via the link produced on the next screen, where security permissions can be simultaneously applied. Simply share this link via an email, chat system or any other means. Anyone with this link will be able to access the files. To delete the link, change security permissions or track who has downloaded files from the link, review your sent file history on your all-sends page.



Sending multiple files from a Space

The instructions above provide details on how to share single files from your Spaces. If you need to share multiple files from a single Space, select the files you need to share from the main Space view by clicking in the grey circle that appears when you hover over the file. Now use Hightail’s blue bar to send files by following the same steps outlined above.




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