IP Address range and Port Information

Customers using a proxy server or strict firewall may need to whitelist Hightail's services to gain access. 

Hightail encourages customers to use domain-based white listing if possible.  Hightail uses SSL/TLS (tcp port 443) for all connections under the following domain names:

  • hightail.com
  • spaces.hightail.com
  • hightailcdn.com
  • yousendit.com

If IP addresses are required for whitelisting, the following CIDR blocks are currently in use:

  • (USA)
  • + + (Europe)
  • + (Australia)
  • + (Spaces)
  • Spaces Downloads

Hightail sends SMTP e-mail notifications from the following domains:

  • hightail.com
  • hightailmail.com
  • spaces.hightailmail.com
  • yousendit.com

e-mail notifications are relayed through the following IP addresses:  o1.spaces.hightailmail.com  o2.ymail.yousendit.com  o3.ymail.yousendit.com  o4.ymail.yousendit.com


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