PC: How to share folders with the Hightail Desktop app

1. Open the Hightail Desktop app

2. RIGHT click on the folder that you want to share

3. Click on “Share folder using Hightail


4. Enter in the recipients email address in “To” field  and choose a permission for your recipient(s)

View and modify folder content: the recipient will need to log into or create a Hightail account to make any changes to the folder or to add information into the folder.

View folder content: The recipient can only download and view the information in the Hightail folder

Require verification to view my files should not be checked if you do not want them to log into or create a hightail account.

5. Click “SHARE” and an email notification will be sent to your recipient stating that a folder was shared with them; and to click on the link in the email to view the contents inside.

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