How to find files that I've downloaded?

When you download multiple files, Hightail compresses the files together and creates a file named “(filename).zip”.  Look for that file in the location where your files are typically downloaded to.  Then “extract” the files as you would any other .zip file.  A new folder named “(filename)” will appear in that same location.  Open that folder to see your files. 


If you are not sure where the file downloaded; Please review the information below on where the file might have gone on different browsers

Internet Explorer

Click on Tools.  It looks like the little sprocket icon at the top right of the browser or next to “favorites.”  There you will see an option to “view downloads.”



You will see a “shelf” icon at the top right of the icon.  Click on it and it will bring a list of your downloads.

Google Chrome

Click on the tools icon located at the top right of the browser and select “Downloads or open a new window and enter “chrome://downloads/” in the URL address bar and it will bring up a list of your downloads.

1. Click on Safari in the top left of your screen, and select Preferences or (COMMAND+ ,)

2. Safari's Preferences window will appear and show your default download location.

Your file(s) will be saved to your Downloads folder. You can find instructions about how to locate your Downloads folder below.

Where is my Downloads folder?
1. Click on Finder, and type in downloads.


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