Using the Desktop Sync app

Hightail for Desktop is the easiest way for users to manage and share their Hightail folders. It looks just like any other folder on your computer but allows you to instantly add entire folders to the cloud with a simple drag and drop – syncing your work to all your devices. Hightail for Desktop allows users to make changes to the files they have in the cloud and save them right from their computers for access offline. The app can be downloaded and installed from Please note: you do need privileges to install new software on your computer.  

Steps for Sharing and Managing are slightly different based on your operating system. Attached to this article you'll find options to download Tip! sheets for either Hightail for Windows, or Hightail for Mac that are a bit more tailored.    

Once you’ve downloaded the App, you can add files and folders by dragging and dropping – or save directly into the Hightail folder. You can select a folder and in the menue (for Windows, Right Click - for Mac, click the icon at the top of the window) to Share with Hightail.  

When you add files and folders to your Hightail Desktop App, a colored dot will reflect the Sync Status:

• Green means that it is synced.

• Orange means it is in the process of syncing.

• Red means that it has failed or not yet synched.  

Any changes you make to the files/folders, such as editing or deleting, will also happen to the folders in the cloud and on any other computers you install the App on.

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