Using Your Hightail Uplink

What is Hightail Uplink?

Think of Uplink as your own personal mailbox. With a mailbox, anyone who has your address can send you a letter.  Similarly, with your Hightail Uplink page, your clients can send you files by visiting a unique web link. 

How do I know if I have an Uplink page?

  • If you have a Hightail Business account, you already have Uplink.
  • If you have a Free Lite account and want Uplink, you need to upgrade to an account type that offers this feature.

How do I set up my Uplink page? 

  • Click on your Avatar which is your settings area located on the right-hand side of the page
  • Click 'Edit' next to Uplink to make changes.
  • Hit the Edit button to enter in the Hightail Uplink name you wish to use, and hit Submit
    • Note: Uplink name cannot contain spaces or underscores in the name.



You can also set the expiration date of all the files that are sent through your Hightail Uplink page:



How does someone send a file through Uplink?

Once you send your clients the link, they simply click on the URL or enter it into their web browser, and they will be redirected to the Uplink page.   

How will I know I received a file through my Uplink page?

When someone sends you a file through your Hightail Uplink page, you will receive an email notification. The file will also appear under your Account's Dashboard Tracker Received section along with the rest of the files you’ve received. 


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