Sharing a Folder from the Desktop App

As you already know, the Hightail Desktop App allows you keep files synced across multiple computers, and to collaborate on folders amongst multiple users. But did you know that with the Desktop App, you can also add users, remove users, and view/modify user settings for shared folders?  

Sharing a Folder

Let’s start from the very beginning. First, make sure the Desktop App is installed on your system. If you don’t have it already, you can download it for free here. Once the Desktop App is installed on your system, open it, and right-click on the folder you wish to share. Next, click Share folder using Hightail.  On a Mac computer, you will select the folder and then the Hightail septagon icon in the Finder:

For Mac

For PC


A window will pop up, allowing you to send email invitations to share your folder. Specify the email addresses of those you wish to share the folder with, add a message to send to all invited users (this is optional), and choose the permissions you wish the user to have when accessing the folder.

  • View folder content allows users to view the files within your shared folder, but restricts them from making any modifications to the folder.
  • View and modify content allows users to view and modify the files within your shared folder.

For Mac

 For PC


Once you’re ready to invite users, click Save. An invitation will then be sent out to all email addresses you specified.


Managing a Folder


If you’ve already invited users to share a folder, when you right-click on the folder name and select Share folder using Hightail, you will see a tab that allows you to manage the users invited to the folder.


For PC

In the Manage tab, you will see the four columns of data:


  • Currently shared with: This column shows every email address the folder has been shared with.
  • Permission: This column shows whether the user has permission to only View your folder, or to View and Modify the contents of your folder. You can modify these settings by clicking on a user’s permission settings.
  • Status: This column shows whether or not a user has accepted your invitation or not. If the Status reads Invited, the user has not accepted your invitation.
  • Remove: Check this box for every user you wish to remove from having access to your folder.


From this window, you can also email all users with whom the folder is shared by clicking the Email All button.

If you’ve shared your folder View only access, and you wish to always verify that those accessing your folder are those you’ve shared the folder with, you can check Require verification to view my files, which will require users to be logged into their Hightail accounts in order to view the folder content. If you don't require verification to view files, you can create a folder that is publicly shared. 

Once you’ve made all modifications, click Save, or click Cancel if you wish to undo any changes you’ve made.

Now you know how to share entire folders, and manage your folder settings without even having to open a web browser! If you have any questions or thoughts about this feature, please feel free to share them in this thread.


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