Top Billing and Account Questions


How do I view my past receipts?

Getting a receipt is really easy and can be done right through your Hightail account.  First login to and click on the Avatar at the top of the page.

Then, click on the MANAGE button to access your billing details.

To download your receipts please click on the Receipts tab.

From the invoice detail page, you can click the Click to print receipt link to print out a printer friendly version of the invoice.

I cancelled my account but am still getting billed

If you cancel your account but are still getting a new monthly or yearly charge from Hightail please follow these steps:
  • First, verify that you have cancelled your account by logging into your account and check your billing information by clicking on the MANAGE button, using the steps indicated above.
  • If your account shows that it is still one of our premium paid accounts then proceed with the cancellation steps by clicking on the Plan Details tab and then click on CANCEL PLAN.
  • If your account shows a free Lite account but you are still being billed then this would indicate you have a 2nd account with us. Please try logging in under any other email addresses you frequently use to locate your paid account.  Many of our users have mistakenly set up accounts under other work or personal email accounts thus creating many different accounts with us.  Please log in using any emails you might have used to sign up and make sure they are all cancelled.

How do I change the credit card on file?

You can easily update your credit card on file by logging into your Hightail account and following these steps:
  • Click on your account’s Avatar Icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the MANAGE button on the right side.
  • Click on the Billing Details tab and then click on EDIT and proceed to enter your new credit card information.



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