How to Expire a File on a File you've sent

All paid subscribers have the ability to adjust the file's expiration date to 'Expire Now' on files that were sent from their account.  They can only modify the file's expiration date only if the files have not expired. However, if the file has already expired, you will need to resend the file again. 

Change Expiration at

To change the expiration date on a file that was sent out...

  1. Log into your Hightail account
  2. Click on 'Sent by me' under 'Files'
  3. Click on View Activity link next to the file name, within that window you can choose 'Expire Now' on the particular file that is still an active file to render it 'expired'.




Expired files are will show deleted from the Hightail Tracker page 180 days after the files that were sent/received have expired, this is a default feature within our system and cannot be change/altered. Expired files are permanently deleted and can no longer be retrieved.


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