How to download a received file?

When a file is sent to you, you are able to download it either using the email notification or by logging into your account. Only files that have not expired can be downloaded.

Download from Email Notification

1. Click the 'View Files' in the email notification (you may need to choose to display images and links, depending on your email security settings)
2. On the download page, click the Download button
3. Your *web browser will process the download of the file

Download from Your Account

1. Sign in to your Hightail account.
2. Click SENDS on the upper left corner then select Received
3. From there locate the file you have received.
4. Across the file, click on the downward arrow/download button
5. Your *web browser will process the download of the file

If several files are sent to you, can download them individually or you will have the option to download all the files at once in a zipped file format. Please keep in mind that when downloading a zipped file, you will need to extract the files from the zipped folder before opening the individual files.

*The location on your computer the file downloads to is determined by your web browserís settings.


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