How do I upload multiple files

In order to upload multiple files to a Space, just click on the "Spaces" button toward the top left of the screen.

Once you are on the Spaces page you will be able to drag and drop multiple files from your desktop to the browser and this will create a new Space.

 Another way to upload multiple files is by clicking on the "Create a Space" button toward the top right of the screen.

 This will take you to a new Space where you will be able to upload multiple files from multiple locations (From your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive accounts)


When you click on "My Computer", you will be able to select multiple files by holding down the "Shift" button and clicking on the files that you would like to add.


Select all the files you would like to add.


Click choose at the bottom right of the file upload pop up and the upload of your files will begin.



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