How can I be sure that only the people I invite can access my files?

Only the people with the unique URL for your Space will be able to access it.

You can also manage Space access permissions setting to form a private space. Our Business accounts have the ability to form a private Space. By creating a private space you can regulate each user you share the space with and make sure know one else is able to access the space unless you have allowed it.

Only Business accounts will have the ability to create a 'private' Space. If you'd like to get more information on how to upgrade to a Business account please call our Sales team at 866-558-7363.

The most important thing to note about a private space is that all users you share the space with must have at least a free Lite account with Hightail. Upon entering a private space, they must use their login to access the area.

This is created as a security measure to prevent anyone that does not have access to the space from entering. 

As a Business user here is how you form a private space: 

Once inside your Space you want to locate the gear symbol right above the title of the space.


Click on the 'gear' and then choose 'manage permissions'.   From there you can choose who can have access to the Space.   



Once you select that option a screen will appear before you to change your options. You want to make sure the option is set to "Only specific people" is selected. This forms the private space.




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