Logging into Spaces iOS Question


You will now be able to create and login to your Hightail Spaces account via the website using OAuth.  You can log in using your Gmail or Hightail accounts.  

This will make signing in and setting up your account simple and easy.  You will not need to set up a password because it will use your existing credentials you have with Gmail or Hightail.  This is specific to our website.

IF you have our Hightail Spaces App installed on your iOS you will need to go to the website if you have been logging in using 'Oauth' and click 'Forgot password' and reset it.  Once you have reset the password you can then go to the iOS app and sign into Hightail Spaces.   Your OAuth will not work on the iOS app without first resetting your password.   Please go here to reset the password:  https://www.hightail.com/login








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