How to prevent your Space from being downloaded

 Hightail has three different features when sharing a Space to different recipients.  One of the features is called "Comment Only" which allows the Owner of the Space the ability to share the files to recipients but the recipients can only view the file.

If they wish to comment on that file, they will need to create an account first.

How to enable Comment Only Feature. 

  1.  Log in your account (
  2.  Create a Space and then Upload the file on that Space
  3.  Click the Space you want to Share and then click the " Share" button on the top part of the Space.
  4. After Clicking the Share button, you will be Prompt to what settings you want to use before sharing the Space. On the Top part you can choose 3 options. " Edit " " Comment and Download " and " Comment Only ". 

 5. Click the option " Comment Only " and then provide the email address of the recipient. You can also add a message on that Shared Space and you also have the ability to make that Space " Private " or " Public " , that option is located on the Top most part of the Space called " Choose Access Type " .

To see this in action please watch the following video:


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