Fixing "Untrusted Enterprise Developer" issue on iOS

UPDATE: this is only for internal users since the app is still being tested. Once its out in PROD customers will not have to make any security settings.

-Pia 3/17/2016


There are some new security constraints that were added to iOS in the later version of iOS 9. Enterprise apps are now required to be manually "trusted" by the user before the user can open those apps.

This is the error you'll  see if the enterprise developer is untrusted:

1. Navigate to Settings, Then General.  Then scroll to the bottom to see “Profiles & Device Management”


2. Tap on “Profiles & Device Management. Now you should see:

3. Tap on "YouSendIt, Inc." Now you should see:


4. Tap on “Trust YouSendIt, Inc” at the top.  Now you should see:


5. Tap on "Trust". Now you should see:


You’re done.  Go back to your home screen and attempt to launch the app again.

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