iOS Questions

The old Hightail App had access to "folders" the Spaces App at this time does not have that. Charlie mentioned that they are aware and working to get that added.


What versions do you support?

  • iOS 8 and higher

Is the iPhone app compatible with iPad?

  • yes, it will be like a scaled up version of the iPhone app.

How do you send a file?

  • when logged in to your account click on the paper airplane, this will open up your camera roll. If you click the paper airplane and nothing happens, please make sure that the customer allowed the Spaces App to access their camera roll. (go to SETTINGS, look for SPACES App and allow access to camera roll)

How to add files to a Space?

  •      click the +  sign located on the top right of the phone

How to create a new Space?

  •      click on the orange circle with the plus sign located at the bottom right

How to delete a Space?

  •   Long press on a Space and click the trashcan icon.

How to rename my Spaces?

  •      At this time you are not able to rename a Space via the app.

How to share a Space?

  •      You are not able to share directly from the App, you can however copy the link to a Space and use your any othe to send the link
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