What does a PRO account offer?

 With the PRO account in Hightail it takes everything to the next level. You can create unlimited visual project folders called Spaces. Each Space can hold unlimited files however each individual file can only go up to 25GB in size. You have the ability in Pro to also add an Access Code for added security to that Space.  See article below.





Upload Limits increase to having the ability to send up to 25GB per send. Compared to our our free LITE plan which can allow you to send 250mb this is a huge increase in sending capability! 





The  last big thing that comes with having a Pro account is having the ability to create an Uplink which is a link that allows others to send files directly to you without needing a Hightail account. This is very useful as you can move this into your website to make getting files easy.  You can choose your personalized link to provide to others, you can manage files sent to you as far as expiration date of the files, and you can choose who can view files sent to your Uplink by making them private or sharable.  




With all the features listed above we make sure when our customers sign up for Pro they are equipped with everything they need to get projects moving and get files approving.



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