How to download a file from a Hightail Space?

Downloading files is just one of the many things you can do with Hightail but it is very important to understand how to do this.

To download your files, you have two options. You can either download 1 file at a time in case you only need one file out of many files that were uploaded, or you have the option to download all the files inside of a Space. 


Downloading One Particular File

When downloading files, you want to first locate the files. Once inside the area, you should see a structure shown in the picture below.


Once being able to view this page, you have the decision to click on any of the files here. When you hover over one of the files with your mouse you will see the files turn gray with 4 icons that represents certain functions. One of the functions will look like a downward arrow pointing at a line.  


If you click on the downward arrow, it will automatically download the file to your computer. 


Downloading All Files

Now let’s say you wish to download all the files at one time. Click the downward arrow as showing on the screenshot below.


Then select DOWNLOAD FILES, then click NEXT.


By selecting that option, you now begin the download process of all the files. When they download, they will appear within the downloads section within your computer as a zipped document. To open this document you should be able to just click and open it to reveal all the files you wished to download. 

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