How do I get my team up and running with Hightail?

Hightail helps you get started and assists your entire account deployment. Your Hightail Administrator will receive a Welcome Email once the account has been successfully set up and the Admin can start adding users as needed. Business sub-users will receive an invitation to join the account.

Through your Hightail Administrator account you can easily manage your organizations’ Hightail users.

The Admin Console will allow only Admins to add members, manage members, view the status of each of your members and confirm the total number of remaining seats available.

Once the member accepts the invitation s/he will enter their name, email address and a password to complete sign-up for their account. The member is now an active member of your Business account!

Active users of the account can now start creating spaces, collaborating, sending and work more effectively. The entire account can work together in one place, saving time and staying focused!

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