How to Approve a file in a Space

Approvals are an easy way to give a project the green light!

Upon creating a new Space, Space owners will be able to set the following parameters for Approvals by clicking 'Request Approval'.

Any follower in a Space can approve files and all followers will see an approve option when viewing a file.  You can specify people who need to approve using the options menu in the Space.   Request Approval of any follower within your SpaceSelect Request Approval from the Spaces Menu by clicking on 'Request Approval'.  Select who needs to approve from the list of followers and click on Send for approval.  That follower will receive a notification that you are awaiting their approval on that Space.  

Business accounts also have a feature called Approval Chains.   You can create an Approval chain and add multiple recipients who follow the Space to approve the file.  You can choose for the approvers to respond in any order or, choose a specific order for the approvers to follow.  The Approval Chain also has an option to set a 'due date' for when the Approval chain needs to be completed.  

Approvers in the chain will be presented with two options: they can Approve the file file or select Needs Work. Whatever action item is taken will be carried over to the next user in the Approval Chain process. 

To initiate an Approval Chain you'll first select the files that need approval.



Choose the approvers. 


Choose the option 'Approvers can respond in any order' or,  'Approvers respond in a specific order'.


Lastly, you are able to request a 'due date'.


Approvers will see the option to Approve or Needs Work.


The next person in the chain will see it is there turn for action and see what previous action was taken before.


Please take a moment to watch a 30 second video on how to Approve a file in a Space..



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