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Hightail Sync for Mac or Windows

The Hightail Desktop Sync Application makes file collaboration simple and convenient and allows you to keep important documents in sync across various computers and devices. 

The Selective Sync feature allows you to choose which folders you wish to sync to your computer(s). 

If you’re downloading the application for the first time, once the application is installed and opened, a window will pop up, giving the option to select which of your online Hightail folders you want to sync to your computer.
*Depending on the size of the folders selected to sync, the initial sync process may take longer than expected for large Folder sizes.

Click the Hightail icon in the System Tray, and click the Select Folders to Sync option.

A window will pop up listing all of your online Hightail folders. Next to every folder synced to your computer will be a checked box. 


Selective Sync for Mac

Click the Hightail icon in the menu bar and scroll down to Select Folders to Sync.



Make sure you check the bubble next to Select folders to sync and uncheck the folders you don’t need to store on your computer.  Once you have the desired folders selected, click Sync Selected Folders.


Issues with syncing via Desktop

  • Make sure that the File/Folder name does not have any special characters.
  • Make sure the file directory path is within 256 characters.
  • Click on the small Hightail icon select Help > Tools > Delete Temp Files.
  • Click on the small Hightail icon select HelpTools > Refresh Synced Data.

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