Hightail iOS Spaces Mobile App

Spaces iOS Application Version: v1.5.0
(available for download here iTunes App Store)

iOS Supported Version: iOS8 and above supported

Device Support: iPhone 4s and above supported

File types supported:

Image: jpg

Audio: Audio playback supported

Video streaming is currently supported for particular types:
video/3gpp2, video/quicktime, video/mp4, video/avi, video/x-m4v, video/3gpp

.MOV files are supported if they have a MIME type of video/quicktime

Doc: pdf, ...


File Download via App: images/video files are downloaded to iPhone Photo Library.
Only saved to iPhone photo Library if original file format is supported by iPhone.

ex: downloading a .wav file will not save to iPhone Photo Library

*supported list of MIME types (http://help.encoding.com/knowledge-base/article/correct-mime-types-for-serving-video-files/)


Phone apps generally have features that are used on the go. Not all features are required on the phone app, although new features will be released in the future.

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