Spaces Tool Bar

Within the Tool Bar in Hightail Spaces you have a variety of options to manage your content.  Here is a list of features.

Spaces -  You are able to access Spaces that you have Recently Updated, Created or are Shared with you. 

Create a Project  - To add more Spaces to your Project, simply navigate to the desired Space click on the menu button and select Add to Project. Select the Project you would like to add to, you'll receive a confirmation within the application that the Space was added to your Project.

Tags - Add a Tag to a group of related Spaces. For example, you could create a Tag for a client, project or topic. It’s a lightweight and flexible way to organize your Spaces.  Tags are totally private. You can choose how you’d like to organize your Spaces, and still have complete control over who can see and do what with your content.





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