Enable Hightail Outlook Plugin


  1. outlook icon.png
  2. Outlook MSI link -> www.hightail.com/plugins/outlook/hightail_outlook_24.1.1.msi
  3. Click the above outlook icon as shown in the screenshot to download the Hightail add-in.
  4. Click “hightail_outlook_24.1.1” in the download folder to install.
  5. Follow the steps below to enable add-in for Outlook (If Outlook is already running, please restart Outlook)

Step 1:

  • No hightail Tab is visible.

  • Go to File then info.

  • Then, go to manage COM add-ins.
  • Under Hightail for Outlook expand options.
  • Select Do not monitor this add-in for 30 days
  • Hit apply.

Step 2: If the Hightail tab is still not visible.

  • Go to File then Options.

  • Under options go to Add-ins.
  • Select Hightail for Outlook under Inactive add-ins and select Go.
  • From the pop up select Hightail for Outlook and click Ok.

The Hightail tab should be Visible.

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