Recent Updates

We work hard to constantly improve your Hightail experience by releasing new features, fixing bugs, and updating our UI. Check below to see whats happened recently.

*Business only


May 2018

Space level notification management* - Control notifications on a per space basis. Opt out of notifications for a particular Space, or only be notified if you are specifically mentioned. 

GDPR Terms of Service Update - All users of Hightail are required to acknowledge our updated terms of service in order to comply with GDPR mandates.


April 2018

Copy Spaces Enhancement* - When creating a copy of a Space you are now able to carry over comments, followers and old file versions.

Integration with Open Text Core


February 2018

Approval flow update* - Approval requests can automatically be restarted if a new version of a file is added. Configurable via the admin console. Check out this helpful article for more details.

Space Co-ownership* - Assign a co-owner to a private space who can invite new followers, edit user permissions and revoke user access. 


January 2018

Project To Do's* - You can now kick off projects by assigning to do's on the Project level. 

View only permission - Only allows the person/people the Space is shared with to preview the content of the Space. They can not access or see comments and versions, or download the files. 

Public Spaces as default - When creating Spaces, the default permission will now be public.

New Admin setting, choose default Space permission* - Admins now have the ability to choose if they want their users Spaces to be public or private by default. If they choose private by default, they can still allow their users to change to private Spaces.

Usage report now logs Space ownership transfers.*

File Group Enhancements* - Space search now includes files within File Groups. Drag and drop support.


December 2017

File Groups* - A great way for organizing files within a Space. Click here to find out more information.

Transferring Ownership of Spaces* - Administers can now transfer ownership of a users Spaces to someone else via the admin panel. If someone leaves your organization simply re-assign ownership of all their Spaces to someone else.

Projects activity now logged in your dashboard.*


November 2017

Global to-do’s* - From your dashboard, users can now create to-do’s that are not directly related to a specific Space or file. For example, you could assign a to-do for someone to actually create a Space or Project to kick off a campaign.

Adobe Plug In - Integration to Photoshop and Illustrator

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