Creative Collaboration with OpenText Core and Hightail

We are excited to announce the integration between OpenText Core and Hightail for collaborating on rich media assets. Creative Collaboration for OpenText Core will:

Let users instantly send files from OpenText Core to OpenText Hightail for review, commenting and approval. This is perfect for agencies, marketing teams, and others that need the ability to load large files (ie 10, 20, 50 GB+) for review.

Lock the file in OpenText Core while it is out for review in Hightail (perfect for maintaining the single version of the file required in creative collaboration scenarios). This prevents users from working on the file in OpenText Core while collaborators/reviewers are doing their work on the file in Hightail.

Full notifications via email to let users know when a file is available to them for review, associated assignments/tasks, and also when comments/approvals are made in Hightail so the OpenText Core file owner knows to review and publish a new version back to Core.

Provide an optimized viewer and commenting tools suited for video and image files, including Region Select and comment

Track comments from multiple collaborators using numbering and user ID
Allow users to upload new versions based on their changes
Let file owners review changes and Publish to OpenText Core to maintain a single version or version of record after all collaborators have commented on the file(s)

Maintain the file for review and commenting (with tasks/assignments) throughout the file review process or until the owner unlocks the file in OpenText Core. Once the file is unlocked in OpenText Core, changes made in Hightail will not be brought back to OpenText Core.

Creative Collaboration for OpenText Core is available for Enterprise Tier subscribers to OpenText Core as an add-on.

For further information opentext offerings please visit:

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