How to send files with an access code?

Protect files with an access code:

Hightail continues to provide secure access to sent files by specifying an access code to view and download files by recipients.

First, navigate to the Space containing the file you want to send. Click on the file you want to send. In the file view page, click the "three-dot" menu (...) and then click Send via...


Then, select the option to Send files.


Fill out the To, Subject and Message sections, and check the option to Protect these files with an access code.

When Sending files from your Hightail account and protecting those files
with an access code, you can have at least a minimum of 1 character. It can be letters, numbers, special characters, or a combination of the three.

Enter the desired access code (make sure your recipient has this code) and click Send

Your recipient will receive an email containing a link to the file. They will be required to input this access code to view or download the file. 

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