How to Create an Uplink url in Hightail

Hightail’s Uplink feature, which is available to Teams and Business users, makes it easy to receive files from anyone, regardless if they themselves are a registered Hightail user or not. 

To setup your Uplink click your avatar icon in the top corner and then select the Edit Uplink option from the side bar. 

From there you will need to create a name for your unique uplink URL that you will share with others.

Once you’ve create your URL and set policies around file management, you can begin sharing your Uplink URL with anyone that needs to send you files.

When they go to your Uplink they will be able to send files directly to you without having to register for a Hightail account themselves.

You will be notified via email whenever files are sent via your Uplink, and be able to access them via the received files area of your account.


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