New Hightail Navigation

On April 11, 2019, you may have noticed that we’ve updated the navigation in your Hightail account. Here’s a quick walkthrough of the areas that have moved:

For all subscription levels:

You’ll now see SPACES and SENDS as two separate tabs in your account. Under the SPACES tab, you can access all of your Spaces and Projects for organization and collaboration, such as collecting feedback on file previews, to-dos, version control and approvals.



Under the SENDS tab, you can keep track of the files you've sent and received in Hightail. You'll also be able to see the status of your file sends, such as whether a file has been delivered or accessed.



Now moved to the top right hand corner of your Hightail account, the CREATE NEW dropdown gives you the option to create a new Project, Space, File Send or To-Do.



For Business, Teams and Trial subscription levels:

DASHBOARD allows you to see recent activity in a newsfeed view. You can also get a snapshot of the comments, to-dos and approvals that require your attention in your dashboard.

In the TEAMS tab you can monitor the to-dos and approvals that your team is responsible for in one view.

For legacy Hightail subscriptions:

If you signed up for Hightail prior to 2016, you may also see a FOLDERS tab. Use this tab to access the folders and files you have stored in your Hightail account.

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