Hightail Billing for Pro / Teams Plan

How will my credit card be charged for my Hightail account?

If you’ve signed up for a Pro or Teams plan in Hightail, the credit card that you have processed your initial payment for your plan will continue to be charged unless you update your credit card details.

Credit card charges will show up as “Hightail - OpenText” on your statement, and will recur monthly or annually depending on the payment schedule you have selected at the time of sign up.

If you upgrade your plan from Pro to Teams mid-billing cycle, you will be charged the full amount of the Teams plan at the time of upgrade, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card for remaining days in the month/year that you have already paid for on your Pro plan.

For example:

  • Liana has a monthly Pro plan with the billing cycles processed on the 11th of every month.
  • On 6/11, Liana was charged $15 for the service period of 6/11-7/10 of her Hightail Pro subscription.
  • On 6/15, Liana upgrades her plan from a single user Pro account to a 3 user Teams account, with annual payments.
  • On 6/15 Liana will be charged for 3 Teams users paid annually = $864 total, with the next billing cycle to occur on 6/15 the following year.
  • Within 1-3 days, Liana’s credit card will be credited for $13, which is the amount of time left on her Pro plan that she had already paid for, minus the 4 days that were counted towards her Pro subscription prior to upgrading to Teams.

If you have added more Team users to your account mid-cycle, you will be charged a prorated amount for the additional seats at the time of the upgrade, which will cover the time period of the additional seats between the date of the upgrade and the date of your next billing cycle.  What may be reflected on the upgrade screen as you are processing payment is the full amount for the added seats, however only the prorated amount will actually be charged.  All billing cycles moving forward will be based on the original billing date that the Teams account was set up.

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