Space Manager Role for Business

Hightail Business plans now feature four unique roles, including the new Space Manager role—created to provide managers, directors and others with visibility and interactive capabilities for all of the creative collaboration activities within their Hightail Business plans.
In addition to being able to track progress across all Spaces and Projects within their plan, Space Managers have full editing capabilities for all Spaces, including the ability to invite other users, manage permissions and edit tasks, to do’s and approval requests.

Space Manager – Access any Space and/or edit permissions, tasks and approvals for the Space, which is helpful if work needs to be reassigned due to someone being out of office, leaving the organization or if the organization needs to shift resources. (Common job titles for this role might include project managers, creative directors, workflow managers, resource managers, etc.)

To manage members on your account, click on the "View Admin Console" button in the sidebar.
Select the "Members" button toward the top left.
You can assign the Space Manager role here by clicking on the menu circle button then Edit.

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