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Link my .psd file to a Hightail Space
Linking your file to a Hightail Space accomplishes two things:

  1. Linking connects the .psd file to the Hightail space so that any actions taken in the plugin are updated in the Hightail Space as well.
  2. Linking to a Space pulls down any comments made in the Hightail Space into the plugin, which allows the user to collaborate on Hightail without leaving Photoshop.

To link your file to a Space, select “Link file to a Space” in the upper right area of the plugin. Then, select a Space to link to, or you can create a new Space using the orange plus button.


Create a Space from the All Spaces view in the plugin
As mentioned above, you can create a Space and invite members by clicking on the orange plus button in the All Spaces view of the plugin.

Use the command line to create a Space
A second approach to creating a Space is to use a tag in the command line. If you combine the #newSpace tag with a “Space” name, the plugin will automatically create a Space with that name and link your file to it.

You can also invite members and include a note by adding a message. Use the #message tag and add email addr#newSpace “My New Space” #message Hey team, let’s work on our files here together #invite useremail@domain.comesses. For example:

#newSpace “My New Space” #message Hey team, let’s work on our files here together #invite name@email.com, name@email.com.

Note: Double quotes in the space name are not mandatory


Share the Space you’re linked to
To share the Space you’re working in, simply type /share followed by users’ emails and a message. For example,

/share user@mail.com Here is the Space for our files


Adding the .psd file to a linked Space
The “/sync” command is one of the most used actions in the plugin. Syncing the file uploads the .psd to the Space. If a file in the Space has the same name and extension as the .psd file, then syncing will version the file automatically in the Space.

If your plugin is linked to a Space, simply type “/sync” and hit enter in the command line to upload your work to Hightail.

Sync and rename the file
Often when using Photoshop, designers will create multiple versions of a design by toggling on / off layers in a Photoshop file, and the designer’s expectation in this case to sync multiple different options to Hightail from the single .psd file.

This is easy to do in the plugin. Using the command line, type “/sync Name Goes Here” to add a file with a new name to Hightail.

Sync, comment and notify
When uploading new work to Hightail, creatives want to comment on their work and/or notify team members that new work is available for review and comment.

To add a comment with a synced file, the plugin relies on a “#comment” tag. For example, this command

/sync Name Goes Here #comment Here’s another option to look at @user

would kick start three flows all at once:

  1. Upload the latest version of the file with a new name
  2. Describe the work with a comment
  3. Send a notification to the person @-mentioned in the comment.



Add a comment to a Photoshop file before it’s synced
If the user wishes to make a comment before syncing the file, they can. In this case, comments will queue in the plugin until they are published via a sync command.

To make a comment outside of a sync command, just start typing and hit enter. The next time the user syncs, these comments will get added to the file on Hightail.

Add a comment to a file on Hightail
The Photoshop user can use the plugin to engage with files already uploaded to Hightail.

Hightail content is represented in the “Hightail Files” tab. This tab displays all files in the linked Hightail Space. Note that the user is able to browse all files by using the left and right arrows next to the file thumbnail.

From this Hightail Files view, the user can add a new comment to the file and reply to other Space members’ comments. These comments do not queue and are applied in real time to the Hightail Space.


Using the command line to create a to-do
In the command line, type /followup followed by a comment, date and a user. Hightail unpacks this command and creates a to-do item for the assignee on Hightail. For example,

/followup @user Please do this by Friday

Note that dates can be assigned in various formats, including by entering a specific date (July 1st) or using more conversational terms like “today” or “next Thursday.”


Using the command line to create an approval request
In the command line, type /approval followed by one or more Space members’ names and an optional due date. For example,

/approve @user1, @user2 by Monday

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