How to search for files sent and received?

How to easily locate files that you’ve sent and received?

Need to find a particular file that you either sent or received? Hightail now makes it easy with its integrated search feature, which allows you to search sent or received files by file name or subject, email address of the sender or recipient, or by the date that the file was sent or received. You can also use a combination of all of the search parameters.

To use the feature, access your “Sends” in the upper left-hand corner when you’re logged in to Hightail.


From there, you will see the search bar at the top. To search “File Name,” you only need part of the name to search for the file. Note that Hightail highlights the search string with a different color in your results.


By using the dropdown menu next to “File Name,” you can choose to instead search by the “Subject” of the send.Search3.png

If you selected to access your Received files on the left, you can search for part of the email address of who the file was “Sent from” or refine your search even more by searching the full email address.


If you selected to access your Sent files on the left, you can also search for who they were “Sent to” using a part or all of their email address:


The last filter, “Sent on,” offers several options to select dates: within the last 7 days, within the last 30 days, within the last 90 days, within the last 365 days, and a custom date option.


By selecting the custom date option, you can select a specific date or select “Range” and drag your cursor to select a date range.


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