Security settings when sending files via Hightail

Need to control how recipients interact with the file(s) that you send? Hightail helps you ensure your files are only shared with whomever you want to share them with, and you can also control how they interact with those files. Here are six specific security measures you can set using your Hightail Pro, Teams or Business subscription:

  1. Access codes –Access codes can be applied to each and every file sent with Hightail. Setting an access code adds an extra layer of security to that file by requiring the recipient enter the code prior to accessing the file. Hightail does not automatically share the code with the recipient, so you as the sender will need to provide the access code to your recipient separately. You can also change that code if/when you no longer want a particular recipient to access the file.
  2. Automatic expiration – By setting an expiration date, your files will only be available for download by your recipients for a set period of time. After the files expire, they will no longer be available for download by you or your recipient. Expiration can be set anywhere from 1 day, to one year, to never.
  3. Verify recipient identity – This option ensures that only your intended recipients are able to access and download your file. When selected, the recipient will be required to sign in to Hightail using the email address that you sent the files to —so nobody but the intended recipient will have access, even if the recipient forwards the link to someone else. Note that your recipient will be directed to sign up for a free Hightail Lite account if they do not have an existing account.
  4. Allow recipient comments – Do you need feedback on the files you’re sending? If so, you can check “Allow recipient comments” to give your recipient the option to mark up your file preview, quickly leaving precise feedback in Hightail.
  5. Prevent downloads – This will only allow your recipients to access a web-based preview of the file. They will not actually be able to download the file themselves.
  6. Get download receipts – Know exactly when your files are downloaded by receiving an email confirmation upon each and every download.


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