How to leave comments at specific points or ranges on audio and video?

Hightail makes it easy to leave comments on audio or video files, either at a specific point when playing the file or by specifying a time range. This article will show you how to leave both types of comments on both video and audio files.

Leaving feedback on a specific time

Hit the play icon (highlighted in yellow below) to start streaming the audio file until you reach the point that you would like to make a comment. That icon will become a pause icon, which you can hit to pause the recording to make your comment. To make your comment easy to find, notice that Hightail places an orange dot at the point where your comment has been made. A timestamp is also added just above your comment in the feedback bar on the right.

Here is how that looks for audio:

Here is how that looks for video:

You can also leave feedback for a precise moment during your audio or video by clicking on the stopwatch in the comments on your right-hand panel:

Leave feedback on a time range

To comment on a longer time range within an audio or video file, press the open bracket “[“ on your keyboard at the point your comment would be addressing. When you have reached the end of the range that your comment addresses, click the close bracket “]” on your keyboard. The images below show a comment that has already been made using the bracket method. (Note that the time stamp above the comment now features a range instead of a single time.)

Here it is for audio:

And here it is for video. (Note that for video, you will need to hit the play button again after you hit the open bracket.)

One last note: As you navigate through the feedback left on time ranges, note that clicking on the comment to the right also highlights the area that the comment addresses.

Here’s what it looks like for audio:

And here it is for video:

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