Enhanced Comment Visibility: Internal Only Comments

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re collaborating with your internal team and external parties in the same Space? Perhaps you are working on a campaign for a client and your designers and the client are both providing feedback. Inevitably there will be times where you need to provide feedback or direction that you don’t want the client to see. In the past you may have accomplished this by creating a duplicate Space and carrying on your internal conversation there. With our internal only commenting feature there is no need for this.

Internal only commenting allows users to keep their comments hidden from other users who are not members of their business account. When posting a comment just select who the comment is visible to and choose internal. This will ensure that the comment is only viewable to other members of your Hightail business account who have access to the Space. Other users who are not members of your business account will not be able to see the comment.


You will notice that whenever you mark a comment as internal the background shades to blue. This is to help you visually identify that a comment is in fact internal only and cannot be viewed by users who are not members of your business account.


Please note that internal comments will only be allowed for Spaces that have been created by you or other members of your business account. You will not be able to leave internal comments on Spaces that were created by a user who is not a member of your business account.

All responses to the original comment will also be viewable only to internal members of your business account.

After posting a comment you will be able to change the view-ability by clicking the Edit option. Only the original commenter will be able to change the view-ability, not users who replied to the original comment


PLEASE NOTE: This feature is only available for business subscribers.

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