Hightail Plugin for Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator is not working properly in Apple M1 Mac Chipset

The Hightail plugin for Adobe is released a long time back and improved a lot in the last year. We are committed to doing the same and planning to enhance this for the Adobe Premiere Pro also. But we have seen a recent challenge with Hightail plugin for Adobe with Apple M1 Chipset.


What has changed with the M1 Chipset?

Most of the Adobe plugins including Hightail are designed with a technology called CEP, but with the launch of the M1, Adobe has switched to using UXP for everything, which is supposed to make things more secure. 


How do you get your Hightail plugins to work on M1 Mac?

There are a few options to run your Hightail plugins in Adobe  Photoshop/ Illustrator It is always advisable to install the latest version of the Hightail plugin. So go to creative cloud and install/update to the latest version.

1. Open Creative Cloud in Rosetta mode and then open Photoshop/Illustrator.

  • If you are using Creative cloud on your M1 Mac machine then it’s very easy. Run your creative cloud in Rosetta 2 To know more about Rosetta mode, see About Rosetta
  • Go to the app and do not open the Photoshop/illustrator direct. Click on the options and open with Intel
  • Then use the Hightail plugin as usual



2. You want to open Photoshop or Illustrator directly from your Mac machine in Rosetta 2 mode.

  • Go to the installed location where Photoshop or Illustrator is installed. Open the properties of the Photoshop


  • Or Select the Photoshop/Illustrator app in the finder, click get info
  • Select the checkbox “Open Using Rosetta”


  • Now run Photoshop as usual by opening the application or by double click

Still, if you find any issue to open the plugin on Mac, please reach out to Hightail support team or send an email to enterprise-support@hightail.com



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