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Our video tutorials

  • My Hightail

    My Hightail is a new way for you to move projects forward. Get a view of What's New, Team View, and Tracker.

  • Team View in ‘My Hightail’

    View your team's latest activity, to-dos, follow-ups and approvals at a glance through My Hightail's Team View.

  • How to share a Space

    Share a Space with clients and teams, and send a custom message. Give custom access and decide who can follow, edit, comment, and download your Space.

  • How to comment on a file in a Space

    Easily and quickly leave comments in a Space or on a specific element in a Space to give instant, precise, in-context feedback.

  • How to leave a video comment

    Ease the pain of video reviews by streaming them in Hightail and leaving time-stamped comments throughout the video.

  • How to approve a file in a Space

    Easily give a project the green light by approving or requesting an approval directly within your Space.

  • How to assign and resolve tasks

    Keep your project moving, set tasks, and make sure they're resolved. Highlight comments and add due dates and reminders easily.

  • How to add protection to my Space with an access code

    Password protect a space or files with an easy-to-add access code to ensure your work is only shared privately.